WetGo Car Wash

Drive Away in a Clean + Shiny Vehicle

Want your car to look like you just drove it off the lot?
Sure you do. While we can’t guarantee that a WetGo Car Wash will make your car look quite like that, we can definitely get it super clean, shiny and free from whatever the weather brings your way, from salt and snow, to dirt and pollen.

Visit a WetGo Car Wash near you and choose from the Express Wash, the Performance Wash, the Shine & Shield Wash, or the Showroom Wash. Then, sit back, relax and let us wash your car for you!

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  • Performance


  • Shine & Shield


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  • Showroom


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Here's what you get!

​Wondering what all of these fancy-sounding features get you? Unbeatable cleanliness, that’s what. Not convinced? Keep reading for all of the details.

Soap + Suds
A basic soap that breaks down the dirt and grime and makes it easy to get your vehicle clean.

Soft Cloth Wash
Safely and effectively cleans your vehicle with state-of-the-art equipment designed to get into tough-to-clean spots.

Spot Free Rinse
The water in our rinse cycle is specially treated using reverse osmosis to ensure that no water spots are left on your newly washed vehicle.

Power Dry
Several high-powered air cannons remove as much of the excess moisture as possible off your vehicle.

Undercarriage Blast
Helps remove dirt and sediment that can lead to rust and corrosion to the bottom of your vehicle.

Proshine Sealer Wax
A wax that enhances the shine of your vehicle.

Multi-Colored Conditioner
A powerful multi-colored conditioner that helps remove additional dirt to get your vehicle even cleaner.

Weather Shield
Total protection from the elements. Weather Shield not only promotes a dryer, shinier vehicle, but it also helps to repel water to enhance your visibility in wet driving conditions.

Wheel Cleaning
A wheel and tire application, which helps remove brake dust and dirt from those tough to clean spots on your wheels.

Showroom Shine
A multi-coat surface treatment that leaves you with the cleanest, driest, shiniest vehicle possible.

Tire Shine
Helps clean and condition your tires leaving them with a slick black shine.

*Some washes or features may not be available at all locations.
The Showroom Wash is only available at Soft Cloth/Conveyor locations.